WE OFFER MOVABLE FACILITIES taking customers needs in account.
Movable social and office facilities are suitable for example building and construction sites.
Temporary lodging village is the solution when needed larger accommodation capacity
the number of persons for a longer period of time.

Social facilities

We rent movable social spaces for construction and building sites.You can rent a number of social spaces you need, for the date you want. Facilities represent a good basic level. Social spaces are available in two different sizes: 3.3 x 7.2 m or 3.3 mx 9 m, Call for price!

  Office facilities

When you need temporary additional office space for your building sites, we offer you an alternative. Facilities represent a good basic level. Office space available in two sizes: 3.3 x 7.2 m or 3.3 x 9 m. We will always rent out facilities with flexibility according to your needs.

  Lodging village

Building of a temporary lodging village comes to the question when there is a need to accommodate a lot of people for a longer period of time. The village that we have built near the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant has a stay of nearly 200 beds in double rooms. From lodging village you can find all the basic comforts: a kitchen, bath, living room and sanitary facilities.

  Ask for offer

Do you need a movable  social or office facilities, or  do you have  need for a temporary lodging village? Contact us and we’ll help you  find the most suitable solution.