ALL-ROUND TRANSPORT SERVICES are one part of our comprehensive accommodation service.
We offer work, holiday and leisure transports. All transports are tailored to meet customers needs.


Work transports

In addition to accommodation services, we also provide work transports. We tailor our transport by customers needs; we have for example five cars driving between Pori-Olkiluoto on a daily basis at the agreed time. We also rent cars for employees use.

  Holiday transports

We take care of employees airport and other holiday shipments according to the customer's needs and wishes. If necessary, we will pick up them from the airport and take care of their accommodation. Ask for more information!

  Other transports

In addition to work and holiday transport we organize also other to other group transports. For example customized theater and city tours. Maybe people want to spend a day in Turku or do a trip to the theater in Tampere?

  Ask for offer

Whether you need a business, vacation or other group transports for your customers, ask us for a competitive offer!